These didactic workshops are intended to the conscientization of the socio-environmental culture and the promotion and preservation of our species. Planting a tree involves the idea of making offering to life, to landscape, to memory, to nature, to feelings, to the fellow man.

One part of the activities consist of picking up, together with the neighbors, seeds of the tree “Chorisia Speciosa”, commonly called “Palo Borracho”. These Argentinian native species are found on our icon avenue of the city, 9 de Julio Avenue.

The Architect Carlos Thays, who designed the landscaping life of Buenos Aires, worked having in mind the seasons, so we will never miss the flowers. These seeds are stored, sow and kept till the moment of the workshops for their late planting.

Tradition: The tree represents symbolically the traditions.
Encounter: The simple ceremony of planting a tree together as a community with an educational, evocative or ornamental purpose, implies a sample of willing to encounter in a community and integrative action.
Memory: The tree will transcend us in life and will be always present in our memory. We will never forget that day that we covered its roots.
Offering: Planting a tree involves the idea of making offering to life, to landscape, to memory, to nature, to feelings, to the fellow man.
Society: This 4 basic principles will ennoble the offer of every citizen to society.

The workshop is illustrated with a presentation. We take them to different places such as neighborhood associations, cultural centers, schools, and private institutions.

They are directed to the community, especially for the children, who are active participants.

They start separating the seeds in special recipients destined for that goal, and then the emotive moment of plantation arrives.

Each plant will be named by the group.

Once planted, they will learn how to take care of them, as well as they will be educated about the prevention and treatment of any illness.

This workshop had placed on Cerro Colorado (Córdoba), at República Oriental del Uruguay, at different spaces of Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Moreno (Buenos Aires) and Tucumán, and we have plans to realize it in many places on the country and abroad.


Together with Roberto "Coya" Chavero, son of Atahualpa Yupanqui, and the Argentinian musician Arturo Zeballos, we started a new edition of our "PlanTemos" Program, at Córdoba. Many thanks for your commitment to the environment and with our Foundation.

Your help makes possible for us to reach every single person that really needs it.