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unnamed 15.06.14


We travel to República Oriental del Uruguay on the context of "Cultural Twining" to pay "Homage to Trinidad Guevara", on the 214th anniversary of his birthday at Villa Santo Domingo of Soriano. Accompanied by a remarkable delegation of artists, this became an unforgettable journey.

"First International encounter for the day of the music"

At Villa Soriano, República Oriental del Uruguay, we gathered, together with the local hosts, the "1st International Encounter for the Day of the Music". Its main goal was to promote the human contact and to strenghten links between both nations.

The Choir of the Ciudad de Buenos Aires that belong to Ministerio de Cultura of the Government of the Ciudad de Buenos Aires, performed at the Lacán Guazú Museum of Dolore, at Mercedes, where the participants shared the stage with the local Choir.

We gave a recognition plaque to the Major, Lic. Javier Utermark, who welcomed us at Dolores and gave us a warm welcome.

Villa Soriano is the most ancient city at the República Oriental del Uruguay, been also the one who gives its name to the Department. It was a great pleasure to discover every corner that keeps a bit of their history.

Located on the mouth of the Negro river with the Uruguay river, it was founded by the franciscans on 1624 with the name of Santo Domingo Soriano

Walking with this area we found out that there you can get the most quality harvest of Uruguay, most of them are wheat, soy, barley, sunflower, corn and sorghum.


We shared the reflexion pannel “Enjoy your life, live without drugs” with the National Deputies Cornelia Schmidt-Liermann and Eduardo Amadeo, members of the Committee for the Prevention of Adictions and Drug Traffic Control of the Honorable National Chamber of Deputies. The pannel stated the need to approach the problem of the drugs from the prevention on children and teenagers who, in many cases, they start as a consecuence of the many social-economic problems existing on the family core and their community.


We participate with the Deputie Silvia Majdalani on the Workshop about de “THE ADVANCE OF THE TRAFFIC OF DRUGS IN ARGENTINA”. This one discussed this problem that affects our country and increased in the last years.

Prevention and awareness about addiction


As part of the scourge that society is experiencing today, in relation to the consumption of drugs and alcohol, we project the Day of Prevention and Awareness on Addictions, aimed especially at young people and adolescents, together with the National Deputy Cornelia Schmidt-Liermann, member of the Commission on "Prevention of addictions and control of drug trafficking" of the Chamber of Deputies of the Nation and member of the Culture Committee.

We met in the National Congress with other legislators, publicists, holders of different institutions dedicated to the issue and members of NGOs. In order to raise awareness about "Promoting a Drug-Free Future" we contacted and visited different institutions and made several spots, (in the process of editing), with various actors in social life, hearing impaired teenagers, children with Down syndrome, artists, etc., who helped us with their testimony to reflect on this topic.

Conference with Dr. Hilda Molina

Hilda Molina y Morejon (Ciego de Ávila, Cuba, 1942) is a Cuban doctor who was among the founders of the International Center for Neurological Restoration (CIREN) and deputy to the National Assembly of People's Power. Despite occupying relatively comfortable positions within the Cuban hierarchy, in 1994, Dr. Molina broke with the communist government of Fidel Castro. In 1994 (the medical Molina) presented its resignation to all its positions, to the front of CIREN, to its bank in the National Assembly and the militancy in the Communist Party of Cuba by disenchantment with the government and in protest, before what, according to his point of view, was the official policy, aimed at, among other things, "dollarizing" the medical institution created by it and giving preferential treatment to foreign clients. (On the same way Molina)

He repeatedly requested the Cuban authorities the so-called "exit permit" to travel to Argentina, where his son Roberto Quiñones, also a neurosurgeon, resides. For being what the Cuban government calls "carrier of secrets", that is, knowing confidential information about the (Cuban) state, its exit was not authorized. Subsequently, in October 1996, Hilda Molina returned to the Minister of Health the decorations she had received from the Cuban Revolution.

The case of Hilda Molina has provoked tensions between the governments of Cuba and Argentina. President Néstor Kirchner personally interceded with the Cuban authorities, sending a letter to Fidel Castro asking him to authorize the doctor to leave Cuba. Fidel Castro's response was an invitation for the family to travel to Cuba, ruling out any possibility of their departure (the possibility of authorizing the departure of the doctor from the country).

In October 2006, former Czech President Vaclav Havel sent Raúl Castro a letter requesting the release of the doctor. The letter was also signed by several politicians such as the former Prime Minister of Canada Kim Campbell, and the Polish Bronisław Geremek, former deputy, and Minister of Foreign Affairs between 1997 and 2001. After the authorization of the Cuban government, on Sunday, June 14, 2009, Hilda Molina arrived in Argentina and met with her family.

Dr. Hilda Molina, National Deputy Cornelia Schmidt Liermann and Vice President of the Foundation, Juan Guigou.

National Deputy Cornelia Schmidt Liermann and Dr. Hilda Molina.

Dr. Hilda Molina, Nora Golías, President of the Promover Cultura Foundation, and National Deputy Cornelia Schmidt Liermann.


We participated in the Tribute held to Dr. Hilda Molina, who presented her book "Cuba en el Abasto". The Cuban doctor told us about the great problem she had to suffer personally, regarding the prohibition to leave her country, and that of her compatriots who decide to leave the Caribbean country.

National Deputy Cornelia Schmidt Liermann, Dr. Hilda Molina and Vice President of the Foundation Promoting Culture, Juan Guigou.

No Bullying - No Grooming

The School Bullying Bullying Act was presented, which we support in the protection of children. We say NO TO BULLYING.

"Day of Preventive Strategies of Informative Crimes".

The "grooming" is a series of behaviors deliberately undertaken by an adult in order to win the friendship of a minor by creating an emotional connection with it, in order to decrease the child's inhibitions and to be sexually abused. In some cases, you can look for the induction of the child into the world of child prostitution or the production of pornographic material.

Day on violence in football

We participate in this Conference held at the National Congress, together with National Deputies and soccer referees.

Its purpose is to stop violence in one of the most important sports in our country. We demonstrate peacefully in front of the headquarters of the AFA with the slogan "Let's save football", against the violence that exists in this sport.

We support and fight for the National Guide Dog Law

We held a talk-debate to support the approval of the National Guide Dog Law and the importance of its regulation for blind people and the development of these instructional animals. We contacted the only Trainer of Guiding Dogs of Argentina. He belongs to a family living in England in which two of his children are blind people and users of guide dogs. The Legislator Silvia Majdalani participated, who carried out this project, Argentine users, representatives of canine institutions trained on the subject and people interested in this problem. This Law was sanctioned, although it still continues without regulation.

The fight for the law of assisted fertilization.

Long before the Congress of the Nation will enact Law 26,862 of "Medically Assisted Reproduction", we have done a great job for years, where we meet with health professionals, deputies and senators and others interested in this problem, to be able to take them together forward this bill.

We seek that the bill will guarantee full access to medical procedures and techniques of assisted reproduction, and from June 5, 2013, with its sanction, both public health medical services and social and prepaid work began to cover these treatments.

Cultural twinning with the Russian community

Emotional act of cultural twinning with the Russian community, demonstrating the bonds that unite both cultures.

Culture as a bridge

We participated in the Congress of the Nation of the presentation of a project of the deputy Cornelia Schmidt-Liermann to be declared of Cultural Interest of the Nation the Argentine-German film "My German friend".


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