Solidarity is Culture

The main objective of this program is to promote social and solidarity awareness through the participation of society in cultural and educational activities, which contribute to improving the quality of life of citizens in vulnerable situations.

A Little Dreams fulfilled in Escobar

Nilda, who runs the community dining place "La Nona", dreamed of having her blackboard and being able to give her school support classes while, with a lot of effort, she gives the afternoon snack to more than 60 children, toys to have fun and tools to study.

This is our humble contribution to face the present with more hope for their future. More education build better future.

Thank you Susana Valenzuela for this bridge of love and thanks to Marcia and all those who support us in this beautiful task, for all the enormous heart that they give day by day.


We visited the children of the Civil Association "El Lucero" by José C. Paz.


We arrived at the Civil Association "El Lucero" of José C. Paz, where there is a dining room for more than 120 children. We deliver toys that were donated by the hands of solidarity that always accompany us and help us to continue promoting these generous acts.

We thank María and Simón, two retired people who carry out this space where teaching workshops are also held...


The girls from Hogar del Pino had never been out on a recreational tour or even more, seen wild animals: their dream was to know Temaiken, and we fulfilled it. This home gathers institutionalized girls with different legal custody problems. We visited their home and while we shared a delicious afternoon snack with them, they told us about their dream.

After a lot of work we got tickets, transportation, lunch, snacks, gifts for all, an a big wide smile. Thanks to Professor Augusto Meijide we were able to enter Temaiken. An unforgettable day for everyone!

Delivery of toys in the community dining room: Nuestra Señora de Luján de Bernal.

We visited the Community Dining place of Nuestra Señora de Luján de la Ribera, of Bernal, where 60 children attend every single day.

We gave the donations that we receive as they can enjoy a 2017 Christmas, surrounded by gifts.

Thank you Celestina and Omar for opening the doors of your house with such a warm welcome, and thanks to all those who have collaborated so that we can bring happiness to the children.


Municipal Kindergarten 2 of the San Isidro Labrador.

We delivered the toys that the children of the 3, 4 and 5 year old classrooms that this Kindergarten expected so much. We thank the Director, Carina García. and the teachers who work so hard and with such love for these children daily. An act that fills our soul, given to those who need it most.

We bring donations to the Sacred Family Home of Del Viso, Pilar.

"Humanity is all but one."
The phrase is by Paul Bowles, but it is put into practice by the men and women who voluntarily receive the children of this home. Carolina its director, Mirta and many hands that with love provide food, school support, workshops, sports and recreation to many children. We thank all those who so generously collaborated.

Another dream fulfilled in Cildañez

We had lunch with the children in the neighborhood afterschool care community room. We were received by Professor Nucci Rossi from Cupelli, who told us that in this area they are offered daily workshops on computers, reading and writing, among other activities. Despite the difficulties, love makes everything possible.

We congratulate all the teachers who give their time, love and effort in this immeasurable task.

We were very pleased to bring useful and books that the neighbors donated.

Giving away books is a gift for the future!


Esperanza=Hope: confidence to achieve a thing or something that is desired. Undoubtedly they manage to make a small contribution in the lives of these children, giving them not only a meal or a glass of milk but also love and understanding.


The children who attend this Community Dining Room share afternoon sun, cold and rain under the shelter of hands of solidarity that are always willing to give them love.

Tupa Rape Home - Another dream come true

We visited this foster home where children are living with different neuropsychological disorders.

Their dream was to have a great music equipment to enjoy as a group and that allowed them to share many happy moments as a community.

We also brought them toys and clothes that the neighbors donated to us for several months.

Comprehensive Kindergarten No. 3 d.e. 14 "Jardín de Olleros"

With the support of neighbors, parents, teachers and artists, we realize the value of the playground on kindergartens. The solidarity of the neighbors came through the donation of the materials and their participation in this action. Almost 200 children, between 3 and 5 years of age, come to this garden, most of them from a settlement located a few blocks from the place.


"Solidarity is not an act of charity, but a mutual aid between forces that fight for the same objective". Samora Machel

Solidarity day: DEL PINO HOME

Due to the problematic of the building we encountered when we visited their Home, since heir gas service was closed by the Gas company, we held a solidarity day to raise funds to help them.

In order to alleviate the most urgent need, we donate electrical appliances for heating and water.

More than 300 people attended and we had the valuable participation of Claribel Medina and

Las Gardenias, her music-theater group.

A special thanks to the Cultural Center Alfonsina Storni, Cultural Neighborhood Program of the General Direction of Cultural Promotion, Culture Ministry - Government of the City of Buenos Aires.

Metropoli Library of Lugano

We made a donation of study and entertainment books in the Metropolis Library so that this space can be used as school support for the children of the neighborhood.


Afternoon snacks with the children at the Alfonsina Storni Cultural Center. We appreciate the collaboration of the Brillantina Workshop.



The group of girls from Del Pino Home had a great dream: to attend a circus show. Despite several attempts, we did not get transportation, so we lead them with a large number of volunteers to take them by the subway. The joy was so great that, when using the escalator, the group of girls thought that this was the great surprise: the walk, without suspecting that the afternoon of laughter was just beginning. There was a lot of excitement to share moments together and enjoy the art that the City of Buenos Aires offers us through its spaces.

A bit through HISTORY of our flyers...

Your help makes possible for us to reach every single person that really needs it.